Day 14: How to Make Money From Podcasts

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Adrian Brambila
5 min readMar 30, 2021


Can you actually make money from podcasting? Chances are that at some point in your life, one of your friends told you that you should start a podcast. Years before that it was “you should start a blog!” Years before that it was “you should be on YouTube!”. Maybe you’ve fiddled around with the idea but never put time aside to do it full out. Well, I’m telling you right now to go for it! Podcasting is on the rise and there is a lot of money to be made!

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is long-form audio content that can span over a wide range of genres and topics. A podcast could be whatever you want. You could tell murder mystery stories, you could interview people, you could teach others about literally anything.

That being said, podcasting is not going to make money from the get go…

I want you to treat podcasting almost like YouTube, in a way. You’re going to be creating a lot of content but the pay might not always be an exact reflection of the time to put in to do so. This is similar to how almost every social media platform works.

The good news is that there is data that shows that podcast listeners are more affluent than the average Joe. This means that they have a larger amount of disposable income to spend on the products and offers you promote within your podcast. Not a bad deal, right?

How to Make Money from Podcasting

I hope by now you are starting to catch on to how all of these side hustles are connected. Revenue from podcasting comes from an idea that we talked about in a previous lesson. This strategy is called 1,000 True Fans. Essentially, you only need 1,000 people to love and adore your content. Think about it like this: over the span of 12 months, you have 1,000 people who spend just $50 on an offer you promote. That’s $50,000 a year!

Just like every other social media based hustle, podcasting is one where you…



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