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Adrian Brambila
8 min readApr 3, 2021


In this post, you’ll learn how to start an e-commerce business and take it from 0 to $10,000!

I’ll warn you right now that this side hustle may come off as too good to be true or a “get rich quick” strategy. It’s not that this side hustle isn’t either of those things, as much as it is a fast-paced plan of action. Because this hustle is based on trends, the selling periods are short and the money tends to come quickly.

On the consumer end, we are used to seeing trends all of the time. They become super hot and popular, we all buy in, and a month later the trend is over. Some examples of fads include fidget spinners, crocs, and “boots with the fur”. All of these products got massive attention and everyone wanted to buy them all at the same time. That being said, good luck trying to sell a fidget spinner today; as soon as the hype dies down, the window to sell is gone.

I’ve already talked about a business model called dropshipping. If you haven’t read Day 12’s post over this side hustle, you can view it here. Marketing on a trend uses a very similar strategy as dropshipping. The only difference is this side hustle involves buying in bulk. Remember that capitalizing on a trend requires the seller to find the product, promote it, and ship it to the buyer all within a short amount of time.

One of the very first trends that I documented had to do with the Women’s March and pink beanies. As a symbol for the cause, many marchers and supporters bought pink beanies with ears on them. So, when I saw this event being talked about on the news, I knew that I needed to get in on it.

Before I give you the full details of my experience, I would like to warn you that marketing on politics is a very touchy subject. It’s very hypersensitive. Marketing on politics is something I no longer do because, now that out of my scrappy days, it involves too much drama for me.

My Experience: Pink Beanies

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