Day 29: How to Build a Website With WordPress In 10 Minutes

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There is a stat out there that says over 30% of websites on the internet use WordPress! Pretty fascinating, right?

That being said, out of all the content managing systems out there, I would argue that WordPress has the biggest learning curve. WordPress requires a few different plug-ins and little extra code to make your website run as successful as possible. Don’t worry, I will cover everything you need to know in this post! Let’s go! vs.

If you’ve looked into using WordPress before, you’ll know that there are two different options — and For our sake, we will be using the former because it is much easier for beginners. The latter lets you stem off and have your own hosting platform. While the .org option is ideal for blogs that get lots of traffic and are ready to scale, it is much more complicated to set up. Building a brand is an evolutionary process so I recommend that you start out with


To begin, head over to and create an account. Then, you’ll be prompted to choose a domain. Go ahead and enter something that fits your brand.

Dashboard Overview

Once you login to your account, your dashboard will appear. This is your new best friend! Let’s look around…

Writing a Blog Post

I assume that, if you’re building a WordPress website, you are looking to blog. If that’s not the case, I promise that blogging will do amazing things for your e-commerce or personal brand website. To draft a post, click the “Write Blog Post” button under the Quick Links tab on the right hand side of the dashboard.

From here a blank page will pop up that you can begin typing on. WordPress allows you to make headers, change the font style, type, and color, add images…



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