DAY 3: Finding the BEST Side Hustle to Start in 2021

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Adrian Brambila
7 min readJan 26, 2021


What is the best way to make money online? Well, coming from somebody who has literally tried it all (with the exception of anything scammy fishy, pyramid scheme-y, NSFW, or flat out weird), there are so many different ways!

Later in this series we will dive into all of the possible side hustles you can pursue, along with my proven money making strategies. But before we get into that, I need for you to understand the environment of each side hustle and the internet knowledge that goes with making money online.

For example, you may suck at dealing with numbers and analytics. That knowledge can deter you from some side hustles and pinpoint you towards others. Maybe you have a little extra cash that you are willing to invest into a side hustle. Great! That just opened up some other side hustles. If you’re the opposite and ballin’ on a budget, there is a category of free side hustles you can try.

The point is that each person has their own individual skill set and financial background. No matter what your circumstances are, I guarantee that we will cover a side hustle that works for you in this course.

Side Hustle Goggles

As I look around the Airbnb that I’m staying at right now, I see so much potential for making money solely based on the products within the room.

The handmade piece of decor hanging on the wall? I could sell something like that on Etsy.

The sign that says “Fresh Baked Pies Served Daily”? I could set up a print on demand shop via Shopify and sell a similar sign.

The artwork hanging in the living room? I could team up with a local artist and be an affiliate for them in order to sell a comparable canvas.

Once you put your side hustle goggles on, you’ll see the world differently! It won’t just be decor, it will be ideas of what you can sell online! (Which could be a blessing or a curse, but while I’m making money online, I’ll call it blessing).

So to help figure out what the best side hustle is for you, we will walk through and…



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