Day 6: Make Money From Teaching Online and Creating Courses

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To truly enjoy the moment…

I don’t think I ever understood what that meant until I started making money online passively. Prior to making money online, I was working a 9 to 5 job, I felt like I was always stressed out, and when I did clock out, I was unable to unwind.

Now things have changed. I’m living a simple and good life, traveling across the world in a van making videos. If it wasn’t for the side hustle that I’m about to teach you, I would never be close to where I am today.

This is one of my favorite side hustle because it truly allows you to put your heart and passion into it. You can make money by helping people with whatever skills that you have. Maybe you’re good at woodworking, coaching soccer, lifting weights, sign language, spanish —

the possibilities are endless.

If there was one thing that had a surge in demand because of COVID, it was learning online. Learning online was already a growing macro trend but when COVID shut down the real world, online became the only option. Now, learning online is normal. Meeting people via Zoom, learning on live streams, and tuning into groups of strangers all around the world is a part of our everyday lives.

Like I said earlier, my first side hustle was teaching people how to dance the robot online because that’s what I love to do! I wasn’t an expert at it by any means. I actually learned to dance on YouTube!

Overcoming the Mental Barriers

It’s very easy to get into a mental state of “imposter syndrome” when you first start out. You might find yourself questioning yourself, “who am I to be teaching xyz?”. Well, there’s always going to be people better looking, richer, and more talented than you. But the whole point of why you should still, on top of all those other reasons, boils down to one word — relatability.




Adrian Brambila

Made $1M in a Year from Side Hustles Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, Step Up 3)