Easy Online Passive Income Business For Beginners 2021

(Step by Step)

Adrian Brambila


I cant believe that I am just learning about this strategy! Ten years ago when I was first starting my side hustle journey, it would have come in handy so many times and probably would’ve made making money much easier.

When I first read the book The 4-Hour Work Week, my mind was blown. How could I say no to not working a nine to five, basically traveling the world, and making money in my sleep? In the beginning, things were rough. I had so many internal emotions of failure. I was investing in my online business with the little money I had. What if I lost it all?

I thought being a YouTuber was going to win it all for me. However, after a year of posting dance videos and tutorials, I didn’t make a single dime. I thought for sure that after two years of working my butt off I would finally earn some profit, right? Wrong. I still wasn’t making anything. It wasn’t until my third year online that I started to earn some (not a lot) of money.

The strategy I want to talk about today takes the same philosophy I had back then and applies the technology we have today.

The Philosophy

I like to put myself back into the same shoes I started in. Back then, I had no money and couldn’t afford to spend money on running ads or a fancy website. I still operate from this bootstrap mentality; I’ve never taken out a loan and I’ve never put myself in debt. I try to do everything in my power to not spend money by being scrappy and utilizing free tools and methods.

The Method

One way to do this is to make digital products. Instead of selling a wine glass, make a digital tutorial on how to make a wine glass. My first digital product was a dance tutorial. It cost me virtually nothing to make and it was still extremely profitable.

Amazon Books

Hear me out on this one — this is not Amazon FBA. Amazon has the most massive…



Adrian Brambila

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