How Alex Fasulo Made 7 Figures on Fiverr

Adrian Brambila
5 min readMar 7, 2022

I got the chance to invite uber-successful freelancing millionaire Alex Fasulo to Austin a few weeks back. She shared with me how she started her online journey and the tips that got her to where she is today.

If you have never met Alex, she is known for selling over 7 figures on Fiverr. In addition, she has over 153k followers on Instagram and 686k on TikTok! When Alex first made her Fiverr profile in 2015, she never could have imagined that she would be making the money she does today. Alex is a living example of how scaling a side hustle can change your life!

Before her big break, many of Alex’s family members and close friends didn’t believe in the idea of making money online. She explained to me how they simply humored the idea and left it at that. However, in 2018, when CNBC covered Alex’s story, things started to change. It ruffled feathers and laid a foundation for others to follow in her non-traditional footsteps.

Q: How did you get started?

A: “I went to college, graduated early, and took a job in Albany, New York in politics. After a year of working that job, I was 22 and wanted more of a challenge. I applied to somewhere between 150 and 200 jobs in New York City and got accepted to 1. I moved to the city and took a new PR job at a tech firm. It was terrible and I hated every second of it. After 4 weeks, I quit. I had no plan, no money, and no effing idea what I was going to do!

In the following 10 or so weeks, I tried a variety of different things. I tried teaching social media classes, managing social media accounts, social media consultation, website design (that went horribly!), and freelance writing. The latter was the one thing I tried that really took off. I was in no place to be picky about how I made my money, so I settled on writing and ran with it.

After working my butt off for 2 to 3 months on Fiverr, I was making around 2k a month. That was enough for me and I was really happy! I did that for 2 years and lived pretty contently. It wasn’t until the third year that my income really exploded.



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