How I Made $425,000 In 14 Days Selling A $97 Course On ClickFunnels

Adrian Brambila
3 min readApr 26, 2022

In this post, I share the 8 specific steps on how I sold $425,000 worth of a $97 course in just 2 weeks!

I launched my course, The Brambila Method, in the summer of 2021. It took off like crazy! I wanted to be a leading course that taught honest and real affiliate marketing. To put it humbly, my course was a huge success!

1. Challenge Current Issues in Niche

If you want to make noise, you have to call out the big dogs. You have to let your competition know that you are here to shake things up! By doing this, you may create some enemies! That being said, if your product lives up to the hype and expectations, this is a smart thing to do.

2. Call Out Bad Examples

To take things to the next level, don’t just call out the bad programs, call out the bad people. Again, this tactic is not recommended for the lighthearted. However, in the affiliate marketing niche, for example, people were being taken advantage of and I hated that! I had to call them out by name.

3. Attractive Character of Justice



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