How I Went from a Broke Dancer to Millionaire by age 30

Adrian Brambila
8 min readAug 21, 2020

My life has changed a lot in the past 10 years.

I used to be obsessed with dancing. It seems like practically overnight I became a professional dancer thanks to God’s miracles and an open audition for T-Pain. When I was chosen, I thought I was set — but life had different plans.

Everything I’ve learned about dance, business, and how to make it as a young kid in this crazy world, I learned in a small town called Dubuque, Iowa. If you’re someone who’s ever been bullied, who lives in an area that seems to have no connections, or simply aspires to live an uncommon life, I think my story will really resonate with you.

If you’re here for the basics…

I own 2 companies — one most people understand and the other usually takes some explaining. Let me start with the easy one.

I have a 15 person marketing agency based in Dubuque, Iowa. So… what is a marketing agency? In short, it is a business that provides marketing services for big companies. We create paid ads (a skill that I’m fairly good at by the way) for million and multi-million dollar businesses.

And then there’s my other job, A.K.A my modern day superpower — running ads online. I’ve developed my ability to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google to such a point that I’ve made over 100,000 a month in revenue from ads alone. Now, before you can fully understand what I do, you need to understand what a paid ad is first.

By creating ads, you are essentially playing matchmaker. You come across a buyer’s needs and find them a product that meets their demands. I sell a lot of my own products, other companies products as an affiliate, and though I don’t do it anymore, drop shipping is another business model that I have used. I manage dozens of blogs in all different types of niches that I’m running ads for and in return, they earn me profit.

What’s crazy is that — for those of you who know me as El Tiro, the dancer — my…



Adrian Brambila

Made $1M in a Year from Side Hustles Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, Step Up 3)