How The Real Rahul Rai Got 3+ Million Followers on TikTok

Adrian Brambila
4 min readJul 2, 2021

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Rahul Rai who, in my opinion, is the hardest working content creator out there right now. He is working incredibly hard, getting results, and is crushing it! I’m so stoked he came in from L.A. to meet up with me.

Rahul could be living it up in California and going out every night. Instead, he is a hustler. He has a master plan laid out because he’s devoted to the grind!

When he’s not speaking about financial literacy and saving money, Rahul is an actor. He has been in the space since he was 18. Rahul explained to me that anybody who is in the arts industry knows the feeling of being tired — tired of waiting and tired of losing. This feeling caused Rahul a mindset shift when he realized that there is no waiting around when it comes to making money online! The time is now to take advantage of the internet, no matter what niche you’re in.

With this mindset shift, Rahul learned that being wealthy is not a bad thing. We have so much to learn from those that are ahead of us. “If you play the game like an owner,” says Rahul, “you will be able to bypass all the obstacles of your given business.” The internet is an equalizer, a level playing field if you will. The traditional rules of how to be successful by kissing ass are out the window. Anybody who has access to the internet and the time to invest can make a living.

Employee Mind vs. Entrepreneur Mind

There are two types of people in the world — those with an employee mind and those with an entrepreneur mind. An employee mind doesn’t find putting up with a boss having control over them hard. They rely on their stable income and want others to head to the big feats. The entrepreneur’s mind is driven crazy by the idea of not own their time. They have to deal with fluctuating income but they would rather hold the reigns. Neither mindset is better than the other. You simply have to figure out which one fits you and adapt based on your current situation.

Rahul’s Master Plan

Now we know why Rahul wanted to join the social media space. But how did he do it?



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