How To Stay Safe While Living In A Van


Adrian Brambila
3 min readAug 9, 2021

When Ashley and I tell people we live in a van, we are always asked if we feel safe. Aren’t you scared of someone breaking in? Aren’t you nervous about getting robbed? In short, no. As long as I have my samurai sword with me, we will be fine.

Step 1: Parking

We always park the van somewhere safe. Most of the time, we park at a campground that we pay for. When not at a campground, we park on BLM land that is used for dispersed camping. We keep our distance from others and they keep their distance from us. We have yet to park in a random parking lot or generic city street.

Step 2: Windows

Once we find a secure place to park, we block all of the windows. This ensures that no one can see into the van. We also do this in the city when we are grabbing a bite to eat or running errands. Blocking the windows stops people from realizing that our van is a custom home, not just a cargo vehicle.

Step 3: Security Cameras

Depending on the area we are in, we will put up security cameras. We bought a system off of Amazon that runs on WiFi. It connects to a hotspot and reports…



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