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Adrian Brambila



I’m sure many of you are wondering how I make it, what I do with it, and why I’m not spending it. In this post, I’m going to transparently break down how I make money while living in a van.

Truth be told, I’ve been making money online through the ways I’m about to share with you for years now. Today, I just happen to live in a van and continue to run said multi-million dollar businesses from my tiny home. There’s a lot of people who live in a van and there’s a lot of people who work from home or remotely. Put those together and you get the best of both worlds — me!

Let’s jump into the different income streams that made me money in the past 30 days.

Content Creation

How much money do I make from creating videos or social media posts?


The first platform that pays me for content creation is Medium. Medium is a website for writers. They allow writers to post articles and post them as paid content, meaning to read the post, you must pay.

Clearly, I don’t try very hard on this platform because in the past 30 days I have made $0.93.


Skillshare is a website that allows you to post mini-course videos and tutorials. My dance videos from years ago are still on my Skillshare and still being in income!

In the past 30 days I made $151.50.


Similarly, Udemy is a site that hosts your mini-courses. I have the same videos uploaded here that I have on Skillshare.

Udemy paid me $43.82 in the past 30 days.


Next on the list is Tikok. My video editor recently told me that I need to get on TikTok and start creating new dances. Maybe that’s why I’m not making as much as I should be…



Adrian Brambila

Made $1M in a Year from Side Hustles Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, Step Up 3)