Internet Millionaire Reacts to Side Hustle Advice on TikTok

Adrian Brambila
5 min readJan 22, 2022

Can TikTok actually teach you to make money with a side hustle? In this post, I review the most popular TikToks on how to make money online and give an honest assessment of whether I think they are legit or not.

But first, who am I to be judging these people? Well, I’ve been making money on the internet since I was 20 (that was 12 years ago!). Last year alone, I sold over 15 million dollars online! Over the past 12 years, I have tried nearly every authentic and legit side hustle there is! My only exceptions are MLMs, day trading, and feet pics — those are all just a little to fishy for me.

Without further ado, lets get into the videos!

1. @ecomsidehustle

In this video, a side hustle called copywriting is mentioned. This is a legit side hustle! It entails writing headlines and descriptions for other company’s online product listings. You can write for big businesses, influencers, or even for social media accounts.

In the video, @ecomsidehustle mentions that she makes $250 an hour and that no experience is needed. In reality, there is simply no way that a beginner can land clients that are willing to pay that much. Instead, you will have to build your portfolio through Upwork. You may even have to do a few gigs for free in order to gain some experience.

If you are a good writer and understand grammar, this is a great side hustle to consider. Upwork is a legit site that I’ve recommended many times in the past. It’s going to take some time to grow but nevertheless, it is possible.

2. @twinkyhustles

In this video, @twinkyhustles talks about low content publishing. In short, this side hustle is all about creating digital products (notebooks, journals, ebooks, etc.) with free templates online. Then using, print on demand, you can sell those…

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