My Top 3 Companies I Make Money Promoting

Adrian Brambila
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

I’ve sold over 20 million dollars as an affiliate by applying to over 30,000 programs! In this post, I share my top 3 brands that I’m an affiliate for today.

1. Health Supplements

One of my favorite products that I’ve scaled was from a company called LadyBoss. LadyBoss is a female-targeted fitness and health brand. They sell a variety of protein powders, greens, and supplements.

I love promoting LadyBoss because their products are consumables. This means that their products are used and need to be bought again over time. In addition, LadyBoss offers lifetime commissions. This means that once the customer sees and experiences the amazing health benefits of LadyBoss’ products and wants to buy them again, I will continue to make a commission. Every time the customer comes back to make a purchase, I earn my share too — for life!

Out of the 500 companies I promote today, a majority of them are in the health and wellness space. Pique Tea makes high-caliber tea that helps reduce stress, improve gut health, and suppress cravings. Just like LadyBoss, they offer lifetime sales commissions.

One thing about Pique Tea is that their products are crazy expensive! A 30 day supply of matcha tea could cost upwards of $80! I think of it as tea for the 1%. But hey, that’s not a bad market to be in! Piques customers are affluent; they aren’t concerned about price. They care about the quality, which Pique Tea always delivers.

2. High-Quality Fashion

I can’t help but look for affiliate programs related to things I like! One of my favorite jackets is from State and Liberty. Fashion companies are usually very generous and because I’m one of their top affiliates, they actually sent me the jacket for free! It’s such a high-quality piece that I don’t think I’d actually ever buy it from them. I simply can’t fathom spending $425 on a shirt! Nevertheless, there is a target market out there that can — and does!

Fashion is a giant industry. On one end you have low ticket, low-quality retail and on the other, you have high ticket, high-quality pieces. I always encourage you to shop on…

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