She Makes $15K P/M From Affiliate Marketing While In College

Adrian Brambila
6 min readJan 25, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lauren Skody and talking to her about her success with affiliate marketing while being a college student. If you don’t know Lauren, she is a TikTok famous 23-year-old from Montreal known for making $15k per month while attending university. In this interview-style post, follow along as I ask Lauren questions about how she got to where she is today.

Q: When did you get started with affiliate marketing?

A: “I started looking into it [affiliate marketing] in December of 2020. At the time, I was doing an internship for my major, actuarial math. I realized during that internship that the job was just really not for me. I didn’t want to sit at a desk all day! I began looking into different ways to make money online. Obviously, I was on TikTok all the time and one day came across affiliate marketing. I thought it sounded really cool so I looked into it a little deeper and gave it a shot! Within 3 weeks I threw myself out there and started posting content on TikTok.”

Q: How long was it before you made your first dollar?

A: “One week after I started posting! I posted my first TikTok video on January 29th, 2021, and a week after that, almost to the hour, I made my first dollar! It was roughly $1.80.”

Q: What went through your mind after making that first dollar? Did you change your action plan?

A: “At first, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I planned on posting one TikTok a day, maybe two if I was feeling creative. After I made that first dollar, however, I was motivated to push out more content. I began posting three videos a day for three months. It was crazy but it was so fun.”

Q: Were you an influencer before or were your accounts brand new?

A: “My TikTok account was brand new! I might’ve had 25 followers which were all people I knew from school or friends.”

Q: How many followers did you have…

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