The Most Important & Uncommon Word In Finance

Adrian Brambila
2 min readJul 22, 2020

I want to talk about the most important word in personal finance that no one talks about that seriously helped me become a millionaire before the age 30.

It’s not saving…

Not investing…

It’s not even compound interest!

It’s the word


This secret word has changed my life and the following video explains how.

One of the Most Important Words Living With Intent Video Notes:

- Where your money goes, your energy and life flows
- If you continually spending money on fast food then you’re naturally gain weight
- If you invest in education, your life is going to get better, get smarter you’re investing in yourself
- Intent is not always spending

Remember: Where you spend your money, it’s actually part of your identity.

Having intent behind every single purchase, every single place you spend your money online/offline is important. Life becomes stressful if you don’t
have intent or control over or if you don’t understand your relationship with money.
Question: How do you have a positive intent?
Being conscious
When you’re conscious about money that you earn and spend, it means you’re thinking about what is happening to your money

True Fundamental Belief: Where you spend money is how your life going to change.
If you want to have a better relationship, if you’re spending money on that relationship in theory, it should
grow and get better because you’re learning and proving that you’re investing in the relationship
If you’re investing in your health, you’re going to buy organic and whole foods, things that nourishing your
body. You’re intent is to have a better shape and healthy
And if you want to be wealthy, build finances…

Adrian Brambila

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