Sprinter Van Conversion 2021

Adrian Brambila


Hello there! Welcome to Ashley and I’s van tiny home; we cant wait to show you around! Follow along with this Q&A-style post to learn all about our experience with van life!

What kind of van do you have?

Our van, Little Galena, is a 170 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. It originally started out as a cargo van but we have since converted it to fit our accommodations.

How do you make the van feel like home?

Ashley loves decorating with fake plants! Unfortunately, the three real plants that started with didn’t make it so we now opt for ones that don’t require as much attention. The plants give our van a nice homey feel. Ashley also styles potpourri in with our plants to keep the van smelling fresh.

How do you cook?

We decided on using a portable induction stove to cook in the van. It’s nice because it doesn’t take up counter space and can be easily stored in a drawer. To use the stove, we have to turn on our inverter to get AC power. Cooking like this takes a lot of solar energy so we have to be very mindful of what we are cooking and always try to keep it down to just one dish.

What do you keep in your cabinets?

In our first overhead cabinet, we store our plates and bowls. We have four of each. Our second overhead cabinet is where anything coffee or cocktail related goes. We also keep cooking essentials like avocado oil, cocoa, vanilla extract, honey, and salt up there.

In the drawer that houses our induction stove, we also store our silverware and some random kitchen gadgets.

Lastly, in our bottom-most cabinet, we store spices; our favorites are garlic, parsley, oregano, and paprika.

Where do you go to the bathroom?



Adrian Brambila

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