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Brambila Method Testimonial

Adrian Brambila
5 min readDec 8, 2021


Would you believe me if I told you that one savvy marketer made over $64,000 in just 4 months with the knowledge she learned from the Brambila Method? Sounds pretty crazy, right? What’s even crazier is that her story is 100% true!

I created and launched the Brambila Method about 4 months ago. The story I’m going to share today comes from a person who has taken the course and is now my number one testimonial. I would like to introduce Morgan Rainey AKA Lil Mo…

Morgan was one of the first to try out my beginner-friendly how-to make money online course. Just the other day she sent me this text…

“Hit 67k in 4 months. All organic no paid ads”.

Since I’ve started coaching people, which is pretty new for me, I feel obligated to say that I don’t take credit for her success. All I do is open up the mind to embrace new opportunities that my clients had heard of before but didn’t know how to go about taking advantage of them yet. I provide the path, you provide the hustle.

We get pitched opportunities all the time. Typically if something seems too good to be true with no strings attached, it’s usually a scam. There are so many MLM-esque offers out there that it can be hard to decipher between what is legit and what is simply a dishonest scheme. When I shared my logic with Morgan and mentioned zero risk, she executed and ended up with a full-time living in just 4 months.

What I taught Morgan is explained on day 2 of the Brambila Method. The lesson has to do with the concept of taking what you already know inside your head and making it into a digital product.

It doesn’t matter if you are in high school, retired, or somewhere in between at the time you’re reading this post; no matter how old you are, you are good at something. You don’t have to be an expert! As long as you are better at whatever it may be than someone else, you are qualified to be a teacher. With this mindset, all you need…



Adrian Brambila

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